This section will focus on the exploration of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s project at the Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome.  Bernini was asked by Pope Alexander VII to renovate the bridge that connects the city of Rome to the Vatican City. Pope Alexander VII passed away before the project was started his successor Clement IX picked up the project and commissioned Bernini for the task of redesigning this vital bridge.  The bridge had many changes over the centuries and served as a vital role in events from history.  The Ponte Sant’Angelo was the only bridge crossing the Tiber River that lead individuals into the Vatican city. This bridge is an important landmark to Rome for travelers from around the world who visited the city or were making religious pilgrimages to visit St. Peters basilica crossed this historic bridge.  Bernini created sketches and clay models of ten angels that can be seen along the Ponte Sant’Angelo.  Bernini’s Angels along the Ponte Sant’Angelo are exquisite in the attention of detail of the artist and the understanding of expression that the artist has portrayed through the faces of the angels. The Angels are each holding an item that represent the Passion of Christ.  This was Bernini’s last project he was commissioned to design and develop before his death in 1680.