Truth Unveiled: Bernini’s Bell Towers and the Allegory of Truth: List of Illustrations
Chelsea Neal

  1. Figure 1. Bernini, Truth Unveiled by Time, 1645. Marble. Source: Borghese Gallery.
  2. Figure 2. Bernini, Sketch of Truth Unveiled by Time, 17th century. Chalk on Paper. Source: ARTstor.
  3. Figure 3. St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Italy. Photo Credit: Andreas Tille.
  4. Figure 4. Simone Lagi and Marco Tullio Montagna, Facade of St. Peter’s with bell towers, 1637. Fresco. Vatican Palace. Source: Bernini’s Rome.
  5. Figure 5. Annibale Carracci, Allegory of Truth and Time, 1585. Oil on Canvas. Source: Royal Collection.
  6. Figure 6. Rubens, Triumph of Truth, 1622. Oil on Canvas. Source: ARTstor.
  7. Figure 7. Bernini, Bust of Pope Urban VIII, 1640. Bronze. Source: ARTstor.
  8. Figure 8. Bernini, Proposal for bell tower of St. Peter’s (Attic Story), 1637. Black chalk and brown ink on paper. Source: Bernini’s Rome.
  9. Figure 9. Israel Silvestre, Basilica of St Peter’s in Rome showing Bernini’s tower under construction seen from the South, 1639. Source: ARTstor.
  10. Figure 1o. Anonymous, Portrait of Francesco Borromini, 18th Century. Source: ARTstor.
  11. Figure 11. Borromini, Sections of the Foundations beneath the facade block of St. Peter’s, 1645. Source: Bernini’s Rome.
  12. Figure 12. Bernini, Bust of Innocent X, 1650. Marble. Source: ARTstor.
  13. Figure 13. Israel Silvestre, East View from St. Peter’s Dome, 1641. Source: Bernini’s Rome.
  14. Figure 14. Alessandro Algardi, Bust of Donna Olimpia Maidalchini, 17th century. Marble. Source: ARTstor.
  15. Figure 15. Bernini, Design for a Mirror, 1670. Pen and wash over chalk. Source: Scanned from Lilian H. Zirpolo, “Christina of Sweden’s Patronage of Bernini: The Mirror of Truth Revealed by Time.” Women’s Art Journal. no. 1 (2005): 38-41.